Buddy keukenrolhouder – Zwart


Umbra Buddy Paper Towel Holder

Along with its unique appearance, Buddy is also highly practical; the molded figure provides friction and leverage for one-handed tearing and protects the roll from unravelling. Taking up little space on your countertop, maintenance is hassle-free; cleaning only requires a quick wipe-down.



  • Fun And Functional: This modern paper towel holder applies just enough tension for an easy one-handed tear, while adding a bit of fun to any kitchen
  • Durable Design: Buddy Paper Towel Holder is made with metal and molded soft-tough polypropylene, giving it a sturdy yet light-weight design
  • Quick-Loading: Buddy Paper Towel Holder is easy to refill – just place any standard-sized kitchen paper towel roll over the post
  • Small Size And Easy To Clean: Buddy Paper Towel measures 12-1/2 inches (31.7 cm) tall with a 7-inch (17.8 cm) diameter and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth whenever needed


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